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Delaware Corporate Filings

Are you incorporating your business in Delaware? Let Parcels’ First State Corporate Services help navigate you through the process. Our experienced team of professionals is available to assist with the required forms, fees and process. In addition, our team can help with items like: Name Reservations, Incorporations & Qualifications, Amendment & Dissolution filings, Merger & Designation filings, and Apostille filings. Trust the experience of our team to ensure that your requests are completed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Corporate Research & Retrieval

Located just minutes from the Delaware Secretary of State’s office in Dover, our team is ready to assist you with all of your corporate document research requests. Whether you are looking for Certificates of Good Standing, corporate filings, registered agent information, or simply need to retrieve copies of UCC and federal tax liens, Parcels is your solution. Through our link to the Delaware Corporation Imaging System (DCIS), searching and retrieving corporate document information is fast and affordable.

Registered Agent

Choose Parcels’ First State Corporate Services to be your Delaware Registered Agent on record. Delaware is the corporate capital of the World with approximately half of all public companies being incorporated in Delaware. There are many good reasons to incorporate in Delaware, even if your business is not physically located in Delaware. By using a Delaware Registered Agent, you can take advantage of the many benefits Delaware has to offer.

By choosing Parcels’ First State Corporate Services to be your Delaware Registered Agent, your business will have a Delaware office address and be supported by a local dedicated team of experts assigned to manage your corporate account. Our experienced team will help monitor your corporate status, assist with corporate research & filings, and accept & forward your Service of Process, Secretary of State, and other critical time-sensitive documents. With one of the lowest annual fees in the industry, Parcels’ First State Corporate Services is a Delaware Registered Agent that you can trust.

Corporate Services