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Your documents - organized and produced the way you want them.

Through our in-house production facility, Parcels’ clients leverage around-the-clock availability, immediate responsiveness, state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced knowledgeable staff ready to solve your document technology, print and production challenges.

Using industry leading technology, our secure file transfer resources allow you to easily upload your files for processing. Once we have your data, we will ensure that your project instructions, special project details and any critical deadlines are clearly understood from the start. With an attention to quality and detail, our promise is to make sure that all of your projects are completed accurately and on time. You can always trust Parcels with your document technology projects.

Parcels’ suite of document technology services includes:

  • Trial / Deposition exhibit stamping & endorsement
  • Digital prints: color, black/white, oversized
  • Brief, courtesy copy and appellate filing printing
  • Judicial application printing
  • Binding (GBC, velo, spiral, coil)
  • Page numbering & Bates labeling
  • Custom tab & label creation
  • Private ShareFile site (hosted in our secure data center)
  • Full service traditional copy center
  • Digital imaging / scanning
  • Digital archiving
  • Paper conversion
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition – Searchable PDFs)
  • Document Coding / Logical Document Determination
  • File format conversion (image and native formats)
  • Electronic Briefs (eBriefs)
  • Virtual closing binders
  • Hyperlink & bookmark projects
  • Media duplication and conversion

Parcels – the experts in legal document printing!

Document Technology & Printing


Commercial Printing

Visit our commercial printing division, MetroColor, to learn more about: