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The A-Z's of eDiscovery: U-Z

Staying up to date on all things eDiscovery can be a taxing process. You'll often find yourself having to look up many industry-specific terms and acronyms to get a deeper understanding of them. With our blog series, The A-Z's of eDiscovery, we wanted to share with you those need-to-know eDiscovery terms to make your life a little bit easier. So, next time you read about or discuss eDiscovery, you won’t need to look up a term — you’ll already know it!


The A-Z's of eDiscovery: M-T

Industry-specific articles use jargon and acronyms that can be intimidating at first glance. We wanted to make eDiscovery a little easier to understand, so we created this blog series to take you through the most common terminology used in the eDiscovery world.


The A-Z's of eDiscovery: E-L

e-Discovery news is everywhere, and when you read it, it can sometimes feel like information overload from all the industry specific jargon and acronyms. What good is reading information if you don’t understand what's being said? We wanted to take you through the most common terminology from A to Z used in the eDiscovery world in this series of blog posts.


The A-Z's of eDiscovery: A-D

e-Discovery news is everywhere, and sometimes when you read it, it can feel like information overload from all the technical terms and jargon. What good is reading that information if you can’t even understand what it's saying? In this series of blog posts, we wanted to take you through the most common terminology from A to Z used in the latest eDiscovery news.


eDiscovery 101: Metadata

Metadata - once one strips away the technical jargon - is just information about data (or, data about data). Whenever you create a document, make a phone call, send a text message, or any other innumerable digitally related tasks, information is logged with various data points; when it was created, opened, last viewed, etc. Using this information gives context to the data, and becomes useable in relation to your case.


eDiscovery 101: The Basics of Electronic Discovery

Whether you are in the midst of litigation, or know that litigation is right around the corner, having a solid foundation of eDiscovery knowledge is crucial to your case. So say you are a business owner who was just slapped with a lawsuit, and you are coming into this with no knowledge of eDiscovery, where should you start? We’ve got you covered with the what, why, how and who of eDiscovery.


3 Security Points Your eDiscovery Supplier Should Have

2017 was a year highlighted in high-profile hacks, and 2018 hasn’t been much different (see: Facebook, Panera Bread and Under Armour, just to name a few). While these bigger names get the media attention, it’s the thousands of smaller-scale hacks that happen more regularly that should be cause for alarm.


Parcels Partners with Relativity for Better eDiscovery Solutions

WILMINGTON, DE, September 25, 2017 - Parcels, a leader in litigation support and ediscovery services headquartered in Wilmington, DE today announced an exclusive partnership with Relativity, a web-based eDiscovery software solution for corporations and law firms.