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The backbone of Delaware's legal community, Parcels is the clear choice for all of your legal support needs.

Over thirty-five years ago, local entrepreneurs Jim and Maureen Johnson saw an opportunity to serve Wilmington’s growing legal community through a courier delivery service. Couriers shuttled legal documents between law offices and courthouses, meeting filing deadlines, supporting trial attorneys and contributing to Delaware’s growing legal reputation.

With the addition of Delaware Document Retrieval, the Parcels team added the research and retrieval of court documents to our client offerings, cementing Parcels’ reputation as a responsive, efficient and effective partner to Wilmington’s law firms.

As the outsourcing of non-legal functions took off, Jim and Maureen established Parcels offices in Dover and Philadelphia, growing our staff and developing a team of specialists within the legal industry.

When a 1997 fire destroyed the Delaware Trust Building, including Parcels’ operation base and several clients’ offices, disaster recovery efforts prompted the launch of our Virtual Docket division. This nascent e-division took legal documents digital with the help of high-speed scanners and high-end software.

A trendsetter in the electronic document business, Virtual Docket made Delaware court docket sheets and documents available online well before the federal and state courts launched their current eFile systems. Through the years, Parcels has continued to evolve to meet our clients’ needs; developing e-discovery, database hosting solutions, and document production services for the legal and business communities.

With over 130 employees, Parcels today provides a wide range of litigation support, document management, retrieval & delivery services for legal and corporate clients.

A Delaware Landmark

Parcels’ roots in the legal community may be deep, but the company’s connection to Delaware’s history is centuries old! The Wilmington headquarters is located at the corner of 3rd and Market Street in Wilmington, in the heart of the city’s historical district. Dating back to the city’s development by Thomas Willing in 1731, the now-revitalized commercial center, known as LOMA (Lower Market), was previously named the Ships Tavern District in honor of an 18th century tavern visited by our nation’s forefathers, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Aaron Burr.

In a nod to the building’s ancestry, Parcels’ owners Jim and Maureen Johnson insisted on preserving both the architecture and spirit of the tavern, creating a historically-themed meeting space on the building’s third floor. So, the next time you’re downtown, ask us for a tour. We’d love to show you where we work and play!

Employing the Best

In a service industry like ours, the product we sell is our team. Ask our clients why they work with Parcels, and they’ll tell you: Our customer service.

The high stakes, fast-paced industries we support require team members who meet high standards. We invest in sharp, dedicated employees who go above and beyond for our clients, and that’s reflected in the tenure of our staff.  Most of our team has been with us for ten years or more.

That kind of dedication goes to work for our clients every day. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Commitment, Our Community

Delaware-born and raised like the Parcels’ brand, our employees are based here – and, like many of our customers, they live, work and play in the region. Supporting these communities is important to our team – and to our company, which supports a variety of organizations.