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Experienced Team, Enterprise Level Resources, Cost Effective Solutions

With decades of experience, outstanding customer service and a critical attention to detail, we have made litigation support our passion.  We’ve been through the wars, pulled cases out of the fire and met the untenable deadlines.  We know that hiring the right expert can mean the difference between success and failure in the court room.  At Parcels, we know what is at stake: your business, your reputation and your success.

Our team adds value at every stage of the electronic discovery life cycle while keeping discovery costs manageable.  From collection through production, our responsiveness and attention to detail will allow you to focus on the legal challenges of your case.

Our clients practice in the U.S. Federal Courts, as well as the highly regarded Delaware Court of Chancery.  These complex matters may involve: corporate governance and control; stock appraisals & shareholder rights; proxy contests, mergers, acquisitions & hostile takeovers; director and officer liability; trademark, trade secret, patent infringement and intellectual property; applications for temporary and preliminary injunctive relief; complex commercial business contract; antitrust, employment, government regulatory and federal contracting; insurance coverage cases, contract disputes, secured transactions, product liability claims, environmental matters and business torts; bankruptcy, insolvency & other class action claims; complex pharmaceutical & medical device litigation; and the list goes on.

Parcels is your solution for all litigation support needs regardless of the size or complexity of the matter.

Litigation Support