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Key Documents - Found Instantly

We recognize you have choices when it comes to eDiscovery. Factors like technology, cost, defensibility and experience all come into play when choosing a partner. Parcels can make the eDiscovery choice easy for you.

Our certified eDiscovery team is experienced in all aspects of processing electronic data discovery and electronically stored information.  We leverage powerful data analytics to quickly find the documents your team needs for review.

  • Early Case Assessment – see what your client has before building your case
  • Data analytics – conceptual groupings, document clustering, inclusive email thread reviews
  • Creative workflows and quality control procedures for efficient review & production
  • Predictive Coding and Technology Assisted Review available in multiple platforms

Located right in our backyard, Delaware’s Court of Chancery is the nation’s preeminent business court.   Lawyers from around the nation rely on the Court’s experience and expertise to resolve business disputes involving some of the world’s largest corporations.  If the firms who take on high-stakes cases like these trust Parcels with their eDiscovery, shouldn’t you?


eDiscovery & Data Analytics