Trial Support

Understanding the expediency of now

In trial, everything is last-minute and there isn’t anyone as focused on the details as Parcels.

3 shifts, 24/7 availability

When it comes to trial support – Parcels is the answer. Our team can handle any trial prep needs your firm will have – including the capability to print, tab, bind and QC over a million pages in a single day – all in time to deliver to court the next morning.

Upload your files through our secure and private ShareFile site and our in-house production center will prepare your exhibit binders, witness prep binders, Markman hearing and pre-trial presentations, as well as large format exhibits and demonstratives.

Trial Support Services

  • War Room set up
  • Secure, Dedicated transport of trial materials from home office to war room
  • Delivery Service (office supplies, food and beverages)
  • Rentals
    • State-of-the-art multi-function B/W and Color copier/printer/scanners with reliable 24/7 support
    • White boards
    • Easels
    • Book carts and rolling shelving units for war room and courtroom
    • Shred bins

Trial Support

Trial Preparation

  • 24/7 full service Production Center
  • Secure ShareFile depository for exhibit exchange
  • Trial exhibit creation and Stamping – Bates range verification, chronological ordering, case information, exhibit numbering and OCR.
  • Exhibit Set Printing
  • Witness Binder Creation
  • Markman Presentation Binders
  • Demonstrative Printing

Trial Logistics

  • Food delivery, setup and clean up (War room and Courthouse)
  • Daily courier to and from Court
  • Rush Deliveries
  • Courthouse Shuttle


  • Hotels
  • War Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment