Courier Services

Specializing in Same-Day Rush Deliveries

Parcels Courier services are known for its ability to move at a moment’s notice.

With outstanding dispatch coordination, every Courier is focused on timely delivery, 100% accuracy, and strict adherence to the specific instructions of the client. Our couriers are uniformed and professional in appearance and demeanor.  No job is too small or too large for us to handle efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Service

  • 24 Hours/7 Days Availability
  • Rush Deliveries/Filings
  • Scheduled pick-ups and deliveries
  • Trial Support
  • Daily Post Office Runs


  • All Court Filings
  • Service of Process
  • Deed Recordings
  • Court Exhibit Transfers
  • Food Pickup & Deliveries
  • National Box/Equipment Moves


  • Downtown Wilmington
  • All of Delaware
  • Philadelphia and surrounding areas
  • New York, Washington D.C., Maryland, New Jersey
  • Emergency national/international deliveries

Courthouse Shuttle

  • 7-Passenger Shuttle
  • Corporate billing available (Ref. #s accepted)

Service of Process

As Delaware’s premier Special Process Server, we specialize in Service of Process on:

  • Delaware Secretary of State
  • Registered Agent Companies
  • Corporations and Business Entities
  • Record Custodians

Courier Services

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